Issue No. 2: NOV. 2018

Hello everyone!

We are over-the-moon to unveil our second issue! You can find it here: 

As we continue to cultivate our own space in the publishing world, we are absolutely honored to have inspired the creative community around us. Community-building is both a value and a privilege in our eyes, and we are thankful for readers like you.

So please enjoy our second issue. You’ll find the heart and soul of the editors and the contributors mentioned below in its pages.

Author/Poet/Artist Bios:

  • Robbie Williford is a writer from Flint, Michigan. He currently resides in Indiana, works with college students, and is paying attention to quiet things. Follow him at @rfwilliford.
  • Keaton Evans-Black makes interactive art, and loves puns too, so in the featured piece, he wanted to make a play on the words “Kiss My Ass.” This piece is about self-love and the group support it takes to practice that.
  • M.C. Montague is currently a Junior studying video production at Ball State University. They enjoy writing poetry and looking at birds.
  • Emily Mack is a graduate of Ball State University, where she studied Secondary English Education.  She has spent three years teaching memoir writing to youth across Indianapolis with the Indiana Writers Center, and served on the editing team for the program’s anthology “I Remember: Indianapolis Youth Write About Their Lives”. Armed with a recent degree, Emily hopes to continue sharing the joy and power of storytelling with kids of all backgrounds and abilities.
  • Eva Sterrett is an Animator and Digital Artist. Her featured piece is about loneliness and finding the light at the end of the tunnel. Things will always be okay, even through the hardest/strangest times.
  • Will Long is a graphic artist and writer. He is currently working on a chapbook, writing poems about his own experience with depression and toxic masculinity.
  • Ashleigh Mower is a jack of all trades. She dabbles in jewelry making, painting, illustration, mixed media, sculpture, and photography. Having a Bachelors Degree in visual journalism from Brooks Institute to now getting a Master’s in Art Therapy from Herron School of Art + Design, she has never felt comfortable in one medium. In her free time, she loves beach combing for sea glass with her dog Gus and indulging in chocolate cake.
  • Alex Castillo is a 19 year old sophomore at Ball State University, studying Creative writing. She spends most of her free time writing and updating her blog.
  • Bobbie Williams is an art therapist who works with teens. She uses her own art to help her traverse life.
  • Abby Johnson is a poet and a Hoosier who is proud of the local art scene that fostered her. She is pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing through Butler University. She is interested in the affect of Middle America on the voices of those who live there. She has work published in Sixfold Journal.
  • Rachel Haywood is a senior undergrad studying Creative Writing at Ball State University. Her first publication appears in Essay Daily. She lives in Fort Wayne, IN with her family and beloved dog.
  • Olivia Germann is a queer artist and MFA student at National University focused on creating work that explores the nature of identity. She has been previously published by Burnt Pine, Bridge: The Bluffton Literary Magazine, and TweetLit with upcoming work to be featured in Helen Literary Magazine.
  • Hannah Lugo says the following of her featured piece: “Exploring and expanding is the only way I continue on my journey.  I am like others, and so many others are like me.”
  • Preston Radtke and his seeing-eye dog, Burton, work for Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Along with writing, his passions include traveling, blowing money on vinyl and overeating. Follow him on twitter (@notnotpreston), but be warned though – 99% of his Tweets consist of stories of his chess fails, quoting cheesy Indie Pop songs and complaining about the Cubs.
  • Val Guzman’s desire is to give others the chance to learn about her culture and the difficulties young women of Mexican descent face today. When viewing her work on a global level, it is easy to see the correlation that gender issues have amongst different cultures. Her work serves as a bridge to gap each other’s differences and connect similarly through the break of tradition.
  • Fee Thomas is an internationally published poet and activist from Minneapolis. Her debut book Owning the Color Blue is available through Clare Songbirds Publishing House.
  • Lexie Wheat is a graduate student at IUPUI, Herron School of Art + Design in their Art Therapy program. The featured piece was done at Indiana University in Bloomington in their Anatomy for the Artist course, where she learned that understanding what lies beneath the skin helps construct a figure.
  • None of your damn business is exactly that – none of your goddamn business. With a formal education in the tech field, writing and art is an outlet for self-expression and emotion for this author. The five-part series published in the exquisite Turnpike Magazine is their first published work. Enjoy, bitches.
  • Sierra Pauley’s work heavily demonstrates psychedelic art through vivid colors and disorientation effects. These effects create a dreamy or manipulated image, which is developed through the media of digital art and photography.

Author: turnpikemagazine

Turnpike is a literary and art magazine devoted to positive themes and underrepresented voices.

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