Introducing “Interchange”

Readers, we have wonderful news!

Since we launched this July, my fellow editors and I (this is Matt, your poetry editor, by the way!) have been discussing ways to engage with our readers, with hopeful submitters, and with our past contributors on a deeper level than we can with social media (although you’ve all infinitely enriched our lives with your kind tweets). And we had so many different ideas, we weren’t initially sure where everything could fit in. But after some discussion and a bit of WordPress design, we’ve landed here: Interchange.

Interchange is going to be our magazine’s magazine-within-a-magazine. Or maybe you could call it a newsletter. Or we could just go easy on ourselves and call it a blog. Here, you’ll find semiregular updates on what we’re up to (mind you, most of the time, it’s reading or homework) and what’s going on in the magazine (new calls for submissions, and any changes we may make to staff or design). What I’m personally most excited about, however, is our featured interviews.

Largely inspired by Kaveh Akbar’s Divedapper, our contributor interviews will be spaces for creators whose work we’ve published to talk about that work, their process, their thoughts on art and writing, their favorite Zelda game, and just about anything else that they deem fit to talk about. Our goal is to put out at least two of these interviews per month, but upon the launch of Interchange (so right now!), we’ll have a few extra for you to check out.

Our biggest goal for Interchange is to help further develop our magazine’s voice. At times, submitting your work and trying to get published can feel like an impersonal, desperate process. And on the editors’ side of things, it can be incredibly difficult to reach out to every single person who wants to know if our magazine can be a fitting home for their work. Think of Interchange as a way for us to bridge any gaps that you may notice between yourselves and Turnpike; this blog will be a great way to keep up to date with our goings-on, as well as an opportunity to better know our contributors and their work.

Of course, if you still have questions about submissions, our contributors, or the magazine in general, please don’t hesitate to email us at Our staff is always thrilled to speak with any of you about Turnpike, and what we can do to make submitting, reading, or any other way of involvement easier.

Thank you all for your support, and remember—submissions for Issue 3 close on December 31st!

Matt (co-founder, poetry editor)

Author: turnpikemagazine

Turnpike is a literary and art magazine devoted to positive themes and underrepresented voices.

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